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In Video Paicnidia (Video Games) you will find references to my videos that I create on Youtube and are about a large number of different games on various platforms like iOS & Android, PC, PS4, XBox and Nintendo.
With so many games being released, the development has become so easy that everyone started creating video games. Anyhow, are all video games good to play? No !

My Latest Video - Uploaded 17th Feb 2019

So, this is why I am here, to will help you find all the new and best games, through my videos about lists of best games.

I create also my own gameplays videos and gaming tutorials videos. Subscribe to my channel and turn notifications on for being informed first when my next video will be out!

My Latest Video - Uploaded 17th Feb 2019

I also have created a tab at the navigation bar, called Games, where you can find good suggested by me, new unreleased Android Games, which are still in beta version!

The trailer of Video Paicnidia Youtube Channel

Watch the video bellow, to see how is Video Paicnidia Youtube channel working enviroment and which is the gaming setup that I use !

My Gaming Setup - Let's take a room tour !

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